Microsoft Windows 3.0 History- Evolution of Microsoft Windows

Evolution of Microsoft Windows 
Microsoft Windows 3.0 History

Windows 3.0, a graphical environment, is the third major release of Microsoft Windows and was released on May 22, 1990. It became the first widely successful version of Windows and a rival to Apple Macintosh and the Commodore Amiga on the graphical user interface front. It was followed by Windows 3.1.

Released to manufacturing: May 22, 1990; 28 years ago
Latest release: 3.00a with Multimedia Extensions / October 20, 1991; 27 years ago
Succeeded by: Windows 3.1x (1992)
OS family: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Microsoft

Source model: Closed source

Windows 3.0

Windows 3.0 History

Windows 3.x was the first to gain significant development and commercial traction. It combined the 8086, 286, and 386 modes of Windows 2 into one package. It replaced the MS-DOS Executive with a Program Manager and File Manager similar to those in OS/2 1.x. Much of its success was spurred by the availability and success of Microsoft Office. Although Microsoft would have had you believe otherwise, Windows 3.x was the direct foundation for Chicago/Windows 95.

released in 1990, improved the design, mainly due to virtual memory and virtual device drivers loadable (VxDs) that allow Windows to share arbitrary devices between DOS multi-tasked applications. Windows 3.0 applications can run in protected mode, which gives them access to several megabytes of memory without the obligation to participate in the software virtual memory scheme. They run within the same address space, where segmented memory provides a degree of protection. Windows 3.0 also presented improvements in the user interface. 

The first version of Microsoft Windows to achieve broad commercial success, selling 2 million copies in the first six months.

Windows 3.0 History

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Windows 3.0

made generally available on March 1, 1992, offered a facelift. In August 1993, Windows for Workgroups was released, a special version with built-in peer-to-peer networking and a version number of 3.11. It was sold throughout Windows 3.1. Support for Windows 3.1 ended on December 31, 2001.

Windows 3.0 History

Released in 1994, is an updated version of the Chinese version of Windows 3.1. The update was limited to this language version since only problems related to the complex writing system of the Chinese language were fixed. Windows 3.2 was generally sold by computer manufacturers with a ten-disk version of MS-DOS that also had simplified Chinese characters in the basic output and some translated utilities.

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Evolution of Microsoft Windows 
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