shorten URLs and earn money shorten URLs and earn money shorten URLs and earn money shorten URLs and earn money
Make Money Online shorten URLs and earn money

It is a URL Shortener website like Google URL Shortner.
But here with the help of this site, you can shorten the URL as well as can make money.

Adfly is a URL shortener that pays you for shortening your URL. Why did they pay you for that because they show their ads when someone opens short URL. After skipping that ad your original link is open. ... It makes advertising for online companies, shows them in intermediate pages, and share their revenue with its users.

How does it work?

1. First of all, you will have to make an account with this website at

2. Once you sign up you are free to shorten any link over the internet.

3. Take any website link and shorten it.

4. Share the link you shorten to social media platforms.

5. When someone clicks on a link you shared the Ads start playing before opening the original Page.

6. Hence in this way you can make money with this website.

How much can you Earn?

It totally depends on you, how much time you give for this work. More time you work on this site more you will make money.
How to receive Payment?

The payment will be transferred to your PayPal Account, then you can transfer it to your Bank account.

I Hope You Like The shorten URLs and earn money
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