How to Bootable Pendrive | Bootable Pendrive Using CMD

How to Bootable Pendrive | Bootable Pendrive Using CMD

How to Bootable Pendrive
How to Bootable Pendrive

What is bootable Pen drive?

A common use USB flash drives are to use them to boot into Windows. Booting from removable media such as a USB drive allows you to perform diagnostics on a computer that is having trouble booting from the hard drive. This guide will outline making a bootable USB flash drive with Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

How to Bootable Pendrive
Diskpart cmd Bootable Pendrive

Insert your USB flash drive to your running computer. As the first step, we need to run Command Prompt as administrator. 

How to Bootable Pendrive

We need to find cmd by typing 'cmd' in the search box on the Windows Start Menu. After search result for 'cmd' appears, right click on it and select "Run as administrator".

Type 'diskpart' on Command Prompt and hit Enter. Wait for a while until the DISKPART program run.

Type 'list disk' to view active disks on your computer and hit Enter. There would be seen that the active disks shown as Disk 0 for the hard drive and Disk 1 for your USB flash drive with its total capacity.

Type 'select disk 1' to determine that disk 1 would be processed in the next step then hit Enter.

Type 'clean' and hit Enter to remove all of the data in the drive.
Type 'create partition primary' and hit Enter. Creating a primary partition and further recognized by Windows as 'partition 1'.

Type 'select partition 1' an hit Enter. 

Choosing the 'partition 1' for setting up it as an active partition.

Type 'active' and hit Enter. Activating current partition.

Type 'format fs=ntfs quick' and hit Enter. Formatting current partition as NTFS file system quickly.

How to Bootable Pendrive

Type 'exit' and hit Enter. Leaving DISKPART program but don't close the Command Prompt instead. We would still need it for the next process.

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Bootable Pendrive Using CMD

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