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How To Make Money With Membership Sites

What is a Membership Site?

A membership site is a private website, with exclusive content available only to the signed up members.
It usually provides members with the ability to interact with each other. They pay a monthly fee for being a member of the website. 

How To Make Money With Membership Sites

A membership site is a gated part of your online business where only members who subscribe can access the content you’ve placed behind the gates. A “gate” is simply a barrier you build into your website using a plugin, like the one we offer here at MemberPress. Once you’ve got that barrier in place, members can log in and access exclusive content, special offers, and even be part of a community of other members. They can also interact directly with you. Your membership site can be paid or free or a mix of both.

When we talk about “content,” we mean digital products like ebooks, webinars, online courses, and podcasts rather than physical goods that require shipping. That’s not to say that if your business offers physical goods you can’t expand to the digital products side. For example, if you’re a photographer and you own your own studio and camera store, you could offer digital products like webinars on how to shoot at night or sell your photos in ebooks. There’s your content!

Pretty simple, right? We think it is, and we can help you build it. We’ll show you how it’s all going to work and how to convince customers to pay for your content.

What is the best membership site software?

Now that we have covered what you need to start a membership site in WordPress, let's take a look at our top WordPress membership plugins.

  1. MemberPress. MemberPress is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins.
  2. LearnDash
  3. Teachable
  4. Restrict Content Pro
  5. S2Member


what kind of content to post and for some great tips on how to make that content stellar. In short, however, consider some of the following:

  • Ebooks
  • E-courses
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual conferences
  • Evaluations

Suitable For - 

People who like to interact with, guide and lead a community. 

Skills Required -

  1. In-depth knowledge of any particular domain. 
  2. Ability to research new things and constantly generate new and helpful content.

Time Required For Creating A Membership Site -

Depends on the domain expertise of the creator.

Do Google search for Matthew Woodward's tutorial on how to create a membership site for free.

Tips -

1. In the beginning, keep the fee for joining the membership site ridiculously low.
Aim to create a minimum viable product instead of creating a perfect product. You can always improve your site in later stages.

2. If you’ve never been a part of any membership site till now, consider joining a few related to your domain. Study those sites.

3. Find what’s working well for you and other members of that site? What’s makes it worth the monthly fee and how could you replicate this?

4. Interact and engage with members. Your membership site shouldn’t be the one that the only drip feeds the content, with little or no input from the owner.
You must provide insider access for your members who want to communicate with you.
Even if you’re busy, you must spend at least half an hour a day to get involved with your membership site.

You can do this in many ways, such as you can interact with the members answer their questions or even lead an interaction inside the forum.
5. Run group events and challenges to increase members’ engagement with your site.
Organize regular events, challenges, or similar.
Make it easy for members to participate. Offer prizes, display leaderboards or similar such things creates a great incentive for members to participate and get involved.

6. Periodically review what’s working and what isn’t. Try to adapt the site based on the member's’ needs.
For e.g., If you offer most of your content in text format but your members are engaging more with the video content then shift from text-based to video content.

7. Try to introduce new initiatives and see how your audience is responding to it. Such as living Q&A calls or similar.

But be careful, don’t overwhelm members with several different initiatives at once. Introduce one thing at a time. 


How To Make Money With Membership Sites

Monetization is very simple. More members sign up to your website more income you generate from the monthly fees that members pay.

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